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Artisans Now!

Exhibitors of Contemporary Fine Art & Craft


Artisans Now! is a makers’ collective that aims to showcase, promote and celebrate beautiful, high-quality, contemporary arts and crafts, made by fellow artisans, artists and printmakers, for the public to view and purchase.


Each guest artisan is selected and invited to join our directory of fellow creatives based on the quality and sophistication of their craftsmanship, their dedication to discipline and a desire to create high-end, fine art pieces made by hand.


At each exhibition, we present our buying public with a broad collection of fine art pieces made, using a wide variety of techniques, across a range of disciplines. By exhibiting in key locations, and selecting a different mixture of guest artisans for each show, we guarantee that no two shows are alike, and that our visitors consistently see exhibitions that contain pieces made by hand, to exceptional standards, by individual makers using the finest materials.

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