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Tori McLean MSDC



Tori McLean is a fine art printmaker and freelance surface designer, based in Winchester. Working across a broad range of printmaking techniques, and inspired by a wide variety of design themes, Tori’s fine art paper prints and printed textiles are easily identifiable by her bold use of bright colourways.

Margot Eardley




Margot Eardley is a fine art printmaker, based in Southampton, who is inspired by the colours and patterns she finds in nature. Her designs often focus on motifs based on marine life and botanical forms. Margot typically etches her printing plates or creates colourful prints from linocuts.

Sian Appleyard




Sian Appleyard is a fine art printmaker based in Hampshire’s beautiful New Forest. A relocation to this ancient landscape has inspired Sian to explore the coastal and inland areas. This has lead to her observing and capturing in print, features of local life and also, a particular interest, patterns in the landscape brought about by man and nature as time passes.

Ali Tomlin MSDC





Ali's work is a collection of thrown, uncluttered porcelain forms. She throws and turns the pieces to a fine finish which, when unglazed and sanded, gives the clay a paper-like, tactile quality, to which marks can be applied. Ali works with the chalky surface, applying stains, oxides and slips, splashing and sponging away areas and inlaying lines while the pot is on the wheel. 

Sue Tinkler




Sue draws most of her inspiration from the changing seasons, patterns and textures found in the natural world as well as scenes and themes of industry and, in particular, the working farm next to her studio. These influence a range of sculpted and free-standing art glass.

Kevin Stamper MSDC




Kevin is an abstract artist and furniture maker. He works in solid wood and veneers and specialises in hand-dyed veneer to create bright and colourful abstract designs.

Jessica Noble MSDC




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Jessica makes vibrant designer-made silver jewellery, fusing a playful style with fine craftsmanship and innovative design. Jessica brings a fresh dynamic by combining sleek contours with bold colours to present jewellery with a feel-good nature. Designed with energy and passion, the collection draws on influences from fluid, free-form surfaces and seemingly uncontrolled patterns, moving lines and contorted shapes.

Emma Lowres 





Emma is inspired by her the countryside and coastlines of Hampshire and its neighbouring counties, along with still life subjects. She has exhibited her paintings locally and nationally in a range of galleries and art festivals. She also paints to commission and loves to work with a client to create a unique painting for themselves or as a special gift.

Louise Brown 





Louise stated basket making about 20 years ago and loves creating beautiful, functional and decorative pieces from such humble materials.  She enjoys the sustainability of her craft, along with the knowledge that this is a craft that has been practised for, quite literally, thousands of years, using the same techniques, weaves and simple hand tools.  

Helen Banzhaf MSDC




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Helen Banzhaf’s stitched textiles originate from her observations of everyday objects, more often than not, vessels. She explores their shapes and forms to create ‘landscapes’ of colour, pattern and texture. These pieces may allude quite clearly to the original forms or they may translate into purely abstract representations. 

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